Honda celebrates 25 years of the Type R

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Honda’s iconic racer for the roads: the Civic Type R. Unleashed to the world in 1992, the performance brand reaches new highs in its respective class and take the Honda brand to legendary status.

Celebrating a quarter century of the Type R at Rockingham in September, Honda UK gave a select group of guests the chance to ride all variants of the Civic Type R, the Accord and the Integra.


History of Type R

The first ‘R’ was the NSX-R, and it set the template: motorsport-inspired engineering upgrades, powerful high-revving engine, focused suspension and, of course, the famed red Honda badge on the nose. Originally called NSX-R: the internal ‘R-type’ designation was later formalised as Type R.

The first to land on UK shores was the Integra DC2 in 1998, quickly followed by the Accord. But it was 2001 that was the breakthrough year with the EP3 making its debut and bringing the hot hatch to the masses. Almost 21,000 were sold over six years until 2007, making it the most successful Type R to date. The FN2 followed hot on its heels and continued the strong Type R sales in the UK.

But then the global recession hit in 2011 and the Type R brand was put on hold. There was to be a break of over three years before the FK2 made its debut. Launched late in the life of the standard Civic, there are less than 2,500 FK2 on the roads; Honda expects the car is set to become a collector’s piece.

And now 2017 sees the latest incarnation hit retail forecourts. Engineered from the ground up alongside the standard Civic, the FK8 joins the product line up very early in the Civic family life cycle and is famous for being the only hot hatch that puts more than 300PS through the front wheels.


Five Type R facts:

  • At maximum revs, the 1998 Integra Type R’s pistons moved up and down faster than a contemporary Formula 1 engine when run at maximum revs
  • The second-generation Honda NSX-R featured a speedometer that read up to 300mph
  • The FK8 Civic Type R is the first ever Type R product to ever be officially sold in the US
  • There are less than 2,500 FK2 Civic Type R on UK roads, making it a future collector’s item
  • Type R vehicles traditionally have a red Honda badge and Championship White paint as an option, as a tribute to their first winning F1 car


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