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New CR-V Hybrid

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Honda CR-V Hybrid

Responsive, smooth, efficient. These are three of the benefits you'll discover in the all-new CR-V Hybrid. Its intelligent, highly advanced hybrid powertrain provides a seamless and engaging driving experience on any journey. Through advanced technology, the world’s most popular SUV delivers sporty performance and low emissions.

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The new CR-V with Honda Hybrid Performance is aerodynamically shaped from headlight to tail light. It’s a beautifully refined and modern SUV with an advanced drive.

The fifth-generation Honda CR-V has a distinctive shape; a sleek simplicity that is designed to be both stylish and functional. This design includes controlling the airflow under the body, which improves fuel efficiency, minimises drag and lowers noise levels­. Function aside, the overall effect means the Honda CR-V Hybrid exudes presence wherever it goes.

Inner Space

Once inside, you’ll soon experience CR-V's unique space and comfort. All you'll want to do is quietly slip away and enjoy the drive.

You can easily scroll through the Driver Information Interface using the steering wheel mounted thumb pad, or via voice activation, to choose from a variety of features including: SMS and email display, audio information, phone contacts and even smart vehicle maintenance information.

Hybrid Technology

The CR-V Hybrid selects the optimum mode to always provide a responsive, efficient drive.​It has an Atkinson-type, 2.0-litre petrol engine and two electric motors – one electric propulsion motor and one electric generator motor enabling it to perform in petrol, electric or hybrid modes. 

The CR-V, rather than using a conventional transmission, is built with a single fixed-gear ratio giving the driver a seamless flow of power and confidence – it is the hybrid you can feel.

Enjoy the drive, while the Honda CR-V selects the most dynamic and efficient way to take you to your destination.It's an innovative system that allows the petrol engine to operate within its optimal power range as often as possible. 

Combined with ECON mode, the result is an extremely fuel-efficient vehicle.At certain times, the CR-V will use two motors and a petrol engine to achieve best performance – a triple boost – while maintaining the most fuel-efficient drive.​

Three Driving Modes

i-MMD technology ensures the car always uses its energy in the most efficient way. This means CR-V Hybrid seamlessly alternates between its three power modes: Electric Drive, Hybrid Drive or Engine Drive.

Electric Drive

​In this mode you are running 100% on smooth, silent electric power - for example the instantaneous response when setting off from traffic lights.

Hybrid Drive​

Hybrid drive is when the petrol engine and electric motor combine for optimum power and economy such as while accelerating on the move.

Engine Drive

Engine drive occurs during sustained, higher-speed cruising when the petrol engine is powering the car.​​

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